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I bet you have had this experience: you go to the theater with a friend and spend $20 to see a movie only to walk out saying: “What a waste of time and money!”

Or you rent or stream a movie—perhaps suggested by a computer algorithm—but it proves to be mediocre and you are bored and frustrated.

Perhaps you have given up on movies entirely.

Zero Circle Films offers you a solution.

Some months ago my friend Harper—a busy man who develops boutique hotels—said to me: “Richard, I come home at night and I want to watch a good movie before going to bed. But I can’t seem to find any that are a cut above. I would pay you $20 a month to give me the names of great movies to watch.” Thanks to Harper’s idea Zero Circle Films was born—though needless to say I give Harper my film suggestions for free.

Zero Circle Films was designed for people who would appreciate a great film but who do not have the time or interest to carry out the trial and error to find them.

I do the work for you. I have watched thousands of movies and have found the gems. Each month I hand these gems to you.

Put yourself in my hands. It is effortless:

No more spending hours reading reviews

No more watching movies that bore you and waste your time.

And no more wasting money—Zero Circle Films can actually save you money!

I look forward to sharing great films with you.

Richard Hobby

PS: A Zero Circle Films premium membership makes a perfect gift. I recommend you do what Jimmy Dell (Steve Martin) does for Joe Ross (Campbell Scott) in The Spanish Prisoner!

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